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We believe that research, data and access to information are crucial to supporting college readiness, access and success.

ACT preparation
The ACT is a national college entrance exam on the sunjects of: Math, Science, English and Reading. The ACT Plus Writing includes a 30 minute writing section.

Readiness, Access and Success in Minnesota
These are Minnesota specific resources and data related to college readiness, access and success in the state.

Creating a College Going Culture
A college education provides a life of options, rather than of limitations. Provide your students with these opportunities by making your high school a place where college is the next step for everyone. When students have school, parental and community support, college is seen as the norm: higher education is the expectation rather than the exception. Please see our list of College Going Culture Resources.

College Access Matters Reports
Here you can download copies of College Access Matters I and II. These reports focus on college readiness, access and success for students in Minnesota.

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Looking for a specific tool or article? Miss an E-Alert? You can find our past E-alerts here.

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College Access Matters Reports

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